Wednesday, January 22, 2014


It's been a while since we have posted anything here. This morning this stirred me to share with y'all. Take you time as you read through the brief account of Nehemiah. This time in Israel's history is especially important and it is today in our current state of the Church. Pay attention to God's method of healing and restoration. Ponder where you might be in your life and where your church may be as well. Is there power from God in your everyday life? Do you see His hand in everything around you?
GOD RAISED up A MANby David Wilkerson
In Nehemiah´s day, the walls of Jerusalem were in ruins, the citya literal pile of stones. And the church was totally backslidden,with no witness left. The wicked powers surrounding Israelpersecuted them severely, mocking every work they tried to undertake.
How did God respond in such a time of ruin? Did He send a well-trained army to help them? Did He send a palace guard to smitetheir prominent enemies? No, God raised up a man-Nehemiah.
Nehemiah was a man with God´s burden on his heart. He spenthis time praying, fasting and mourning, because he was brokenover Israel´s condition. He also continually dug into God´s Word,grasping prophecy and moving in the Spirit.
Although Nehemiah served as cupbearer to the king of Persia,he remained separate from the wickedness surrounding him. Inthe midst of all the sensuality, immorality and godlessnesstaking place in Israel, he maintained a holy walk with the Lord.
And, in turn, everyone who heard him preach was purified in soul.
Soon a revival of holiness swept the land. "The priests and theLevites purified themselves, and purified the people, and thegates, and the wall" (Nehemiah 12:30). The house of God alsowas purged, with everything of flesh cast out. Nehemiah sentworkers into the temple, telling them, "I want every piece offilth out of here. Don't leave anything that has to do withidolatry or sensuality" (see Nehemiah 13:8-9).
Beloved, this is God´s concept of revival! It is all about sweepingout every chamber in your heart that´s unclean and unsanctified.He wants no dark places left.
Where did Nehemiah get such spiritual authority, to causecompromisers to tremble, and to bring back godly fear to thetemple? The king did not give it to him. No church bishop gaveit to him. He didn't learn it from a Bible school.
No, Nehemiah got his authority on his knees-weeping, broken,wanting to know God´s heart. And because he was a man ofprayer, he was able to confess the sins of a whole nation: "Thatthou mayest hear the prayer of thy servant, which I pray beforethee now, day and night . . . and confess the sins of the childrenof Israel . . . both I and my father´s house have sinned. We havedealt very corruptly against thee, and have not kept thecommandments" (Nehemiah 1:6-7).
What I have learned of God so far in this journey of life is that power IS God's and belongs to Him. If there is going to be any power or spiritual authority it is going to be God's and His use of it greatly depends upon the willingness of a man to be broken and emptied so he can be filled up by God.

May we learn to spend our lives on our knees and let God raise us up!